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April President's Message

Thursday, April 30, 2015 11:44 AM | Anonymous

April 2015
Letter from the President
In the world of high technology and social media, radio remains a rich format for communicating with customers and getting attention.  While social media and television do offer access to the world in a different format, we cannot function in that electronic space efficiently all our waking hours.  A large number of people still listen to radio while commuting in urban areas and respond well to broadcast and commercial messages.  Radio directs people, and people respond, particularly in urban communities like Tumwater and greater Thurston County. 
The Tumwater Chamber hosted Jackson Weaver, General Manager of KGY Radio, as the keynote speaker for the April Forum.  It was interesting to learn that 91% of people still listen to the radio and in reality radio was the first social media, before Twitter, Facebook, email, texting, and all the other forms we now take for granted.  Radio was and still is the platform where people’s behavior is influenced by understanding what they listen to.  New technology has caused radio owners and managers to be creative about how to reach their audiences, but radio effectiveness has not changed because radio directs people and people respond.
Using new technology and devices audiences can still listen to the their favorite team games and news broadcasts, songs and stations, wherever they are.  Radio delivers advertising messages to a massive audience in real time and the power of radio extends to all major demographics across the world. 
Radio programs keep audiences connected with engagement with on air guests and personalities, and contests and other ways for listeners to participate.  People still want to have a closer human connection than the written or visual media, and radio platforms offer gifts, games, interaction, discussions, and shows that keep audience entertained.  No other media has been able to draw in consumers as radio does. 
We hope you enjoy great oldies, a simple report on the stock market, trivia, and much more entertaining information offered by 95.3 KGY FM Radio; and for the flavor of great country tune in to 96.9 Radio Country.
As the tag line for KAYO Radio says it so well:  Radio – power on the go!
Clarita Mattox
Tumwater Area Chamber of Commerce

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