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President's Message

Thursday, October 30, 2014 8:54 AM | Anonymous

President’s Message

September 2014

As a society that now relies on an ever-changing electronic infrastructure for business and personal interactions, we must accept there are associated risks. The power to communicate with individuals and customers is integral to our success as a community oriented business people, but we must think smarter as we are more vulnerable than ever to the misuse these tools and the sophisticated network that supports them.

The Tumwater Chamber is proud to present forums of value to our members, and the September event was another example of quality programming.  Our topic, Cyber Based Attacks, provided us with an education on the dangers of our everyday technology habits and the risks inherent in the technology we enjoy every day.

Supervisor Special Agent Timothy J. Wallach of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, who is the assigned lead for the Cyber Task Force in Seattle, presented current information regarding the state of the cyber environment. He also shared new methods and resources to help us be informed and savvy in the use of technology in the business framework we navigate. We heard how to make smarter decision about how we use the technology we enjoy at our fingertips and also developed a greater understanding of how easily cyber based attacks are created. Sadly, we also learned how complex cyber-attacks are to track and counterattack.

Agent Wallach shared information regarding the challenges inherent in combating the constantly growing misuse of technology. He referenced resources available to businesses, including InfraGard,, an alliance for national infrastructure protection, as a resource for information, training, and networking.

This topic spurred an interesting dialogue among the members and provided food for thought regarding how we use and share information while taking certain measures to protect ourselves and our businesses.

In closing I leave you with a quote from Jamie Shea, NATO Director of Policy Planning:

One hundred twenty countries currently have or are developing offensive cyber-attack capabilities, which is now viewed as the fifth dimension of warfare after space, sea, land and air….


Clarita Mattox, President

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